Material Division

Magnum Industrial Laboratories W.L.L

Material Division

The Laboratory is an ISO 17025 certified / approved independent testing house whose procedures confirm to internationally recognized standards. The focus and approach of this independent laboratory is to provide complete analytical services to core industries, process units, ministries, construction companies and other private sector organizations.
It acts in association with the leading inspection and test centre of the region.
It provides the following services to Ministries, Industrial, commercial and private sectors:

Analytical Testing and Physical Services:

* Aggregate
* Soil
* Analytical chemical testing of water, waste water, oil and other materials.
* Gas Emission Monitoring
* Crude Oil
* Waste Water
* Cement, asphalt, agricultural sand, wood/plywood, steel and other building and construction materials

Physical and Non-destructive Testing (NDT):

* Radiography (RT)
* Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
* Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
* Die Penetrant Inspection (DPI)
* Post and Pre-Heat Treatment

Contact Details

Flat: 21, Building: 1284, Road: 5136
Block: 951, Askar,
P.O Box 28869,
Kingdom of Bahrain


TEL.: +973-17832288
FAX: +973-17832299