Calibration Division

Magnum Industrial Laboratories S.P.C.

Calibration Division

Magnum Laboratories (MIL) has established a new division in the field of Calibration and Metrology, in conformity with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements. Calibrations performed are traceable to various international standards NIST, NAMAS, DKD NPL and other.

The MIL Calibration Laboratory has implemented a management system in accordance with the standard EN ISO / IEC Industrial 17025/2005 for the unit of measure set in the International System of Units SI.

The areas covered are:

* Length
* Time/Frequency
* Pressure and Flow
* Electricity and Magnetism
* Temperature/Humidity
  Force and Torque
* Mass/Density
* and other Equipments in different fields.

Contact Details

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