Magnum Enterprises R.O W.L.L  Water Treatment Division

Magnum Enterprises R.O W.L.L Water Treatment Division

An engineering, trading, supply and servicing company involved in water and waste water treatment.
It is the first company in Bahrain to acquire an industrial license to design and assemble water desalination plants based on Reverse osmosis (RO) for industrial, commercial and domestic sectors.
Since its establishment, the company has installed number of water treatment plants ranging from 20 gpd (gallon per day) to more than one million gpd.

Ranges of services include:

1 Consultancy services for water and waste water plants
2 Design, assembly , installation &commissioning of following plants:
3 Sea water, brackish and municipal water based on reverse Osmosis desalination
4 Sewage treatment
5 Industrial waste water treatment
6 Recycling effluent treatment
Softners, Ultrafiltration
7 Sludge treatment
8 Other Equipment
9 Upgrading and rehabilitation of existing desalination and sewage treatment plants.
10 Operation, maintenance and service contracts for desalination and sewage treatment plants.

Water treatment equipment

Reverse osmosis (RO) plants : Industrial, Commercial and Domestic
Membranes : Brackish and sea water
Water Softeners : Industrial, Commercial and Domestic
UV Sterilizers : Industrial and Domestic
Filter Housings : Stainless Steel and FRP
Deionizers : Laboratories, Industries
Media Filters : Sand, Anthracite and carbon Media
Chlorine Systems : Liquid and Gas Types

Cartridge filters of different sizes Water Treatment
Vapour Compression (VC) and Multiple Effect Distiller (MED)

* Sewage Treatment Equipment
* Effluent Treatment Equipment
* Pumps and pumping Systems
  Horizontal, Monoblock water pumps, vertical Multistage high pressure pumps, pre-assembled Booster Systems complete with control System, Hot and Cold Water re-circulation Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Chemical Dosing Pumps and chemical pumps, Antiscalnts for watertreatments.

Magnum products:


Contact Details

Flat: 21, Building :1284,
Road: 5136,
Block: 951, Askar,
P.O Box 28869,
Kingdom of Bahrain


TEL.: +973-17832277
FAX: +973-17832266
MOBILE: +973-39334613