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Magnum Enterprises CO W.L.L (Marine Services)

Magnum Enterprises (ME) established in 1993 and recognized as one of the major contractor of Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY) for the execution of tank cleaning, Chemical cleaning, Blasting and Painting.

The company is fully equipped to undertake any jobs through adequately trained and well-experienced work force on a 24 hours basis. At present Magnum Enterprises provide services to Marine Industry, all other industries (Construction, Steel plant, Power plant, Refinery etc.) with several years experience, Magnum Enterprises is well known for customer satisfaction. The company has established high level reputation for Quality, workman Ship, Safety, competitive pricing and on time completion.

Magnum Enterprises Offers a Comprehensive range of following services:-

  • Cleaning of Ballast tanks, Oil tanks, Diesel tanks, Fresh water tanks, Chemical tanks etc
  • Chemical cleaning of Engine parts, Equipment, Generators, condensers, Boilers, Cooling systems etc (Circulation and Immersion method)
  • Pickling and passivation treatment for stainless steel tanks, Hydraulic pipes and cargo tanks.
  • Mechanical treatment of steel surface and preservation
  • Blasting and painting
  • High pressure water washing for Boilers, Condensers, Heat exchangers, coolers and tanks etc
  • Degreasing and H.P washing.
  • Manpower supply of Blasters, Painters, Helpers and Cleaners.


  • HIDD Power station -(stainless steel pipes chemical circulation)
  • RIFFA Power station (Generator cleaning)
  • MINA SULMAN PORT -(USS NAVY Vessel tank cleaning & chemical cleaning)
  • DURAT AL BAHRAIN - (Fiber glass tank cleaning, mechanical treatment and painting.
  • HIDD power station phase No.#2 -(manpower supply painter & helper)
  • Metal laundry workshop- (Immersion and circulation chemical cleaning)
  • THE BAHRAIN SHIP REPAIRING AND ENGINEERING COMPANY (BASREC)-(Stainless steel pipes chemical cleaned)
  • ARAB SHIP BUILDING & REPAIR YARD (ASRY) Site for ships tank cleaning and chemical cleaning.


  • BANAGAS-(Man Power supply Blasters & Painters)
  • MINA SULMAN PORT-(USS NAVY ships tank cleaning & chemical cleaning)
  • KHALIFA PORT –(USS NAVY ships tank cleaning & chemical cleaning)
  • HIDD POWER PLANT-(Water plant tanks pickling and passivation.)
  • ARAB SHIP BUILDING & REPAIR YARD (ASRY) Site for ships tank cleaning, chemical cleaning, Chemical circulation methods and manpower supply.
  • ASRY BLASTING & PAINTING- ( Manpower supply for helpers)

Contact Details

Magnum Enterprises CO W.L.L
Production Manager
Flat: 21, Building: 1284,
Road: 5136
Block: 951, Askar,
P.O Box 28869,
Kingdom of Bahrain

TEL.: +973-17674234 / 17674237
FAX: +973-17676383

EMAIL: sbdm@alkhalidiagroup.com