Project Finance

Dependence on the contractor to finance his own services to the client has become a viable form of transacting a business. The mechanism is in place and is being constantly perfected. Along this principle, MAGNUM is capable of bidding for a contract under a variety of options, known by different self- explanatory terms:

(BOO) Build - Own - & - Operate
(BTO) Build - Transfer - & - Operate
(BT) Build - & - Transfer
(DOT) Develop - Operate - & - Transfer

MAGNUM's project finance division will authorize the project management division to undertake installation and operation of a particular treatment plant with a limited initial capital outlay on the part of the client. Compensation to MAGNUM will be in monthly or quarterly installments, the value of which is determined by the financed portion of the capital cost as well as the plant's operational costs. MAGNUM's project finance division has perfected this type of a transaction taking advantage of its strong ties with financial institutions that underwrite such agreements. However, like every financing arrangement, there are certain prerequisites for their successful conclusion, primarily to satisfy the financial institution that underwrites it. MAGNUM's good standing with such institutions will play a big role. However, credit worthiness of the client is the ultimate gauge for its success.

Our Achievements

  • We are the first company in the Kingdom of Bahrain that has been licensed to assemble RO plants.
  • We are fabricating big RO plants and assembling small point of use RO water purification machines.
  • We have complete infrastructure to provide genuine back- up services to our valued clients.

Project Finance List

No.Client NameCapacity
1Equestrian Horse Race Club600,000 GPD
2Al Areen Desert Spa and Resort500,000 GPD
3USCO (Containerized RO plant)500,000 GPD
4Middle East Water and Ice Factiory375,000 GPD
5Ahmed Mansour Al Aali Company375,000 GPD
6Formula One250,000 GPD
7Durrat Khaleej Al Bahrain250,000 GPD
8KINGDOM Ready Mix (Containerized RO)250,000 GPD
9Refreshment Treading200,000 GPD
10Nabeel Engineer200,000 GPD
11Hilton Bahrain100,000 GPD
12Ahmed Mansur Al Ali 40 Villa compound100,000 GPD
14National Sand Marine100,000 GPD
15Nass Ice Plant 1100,000 GPD
16Sheraton Hotel100,000 GPD
17National Sand Marine (containerized RO)100,000 GPD
18Nass Ice Plant 2100,000 GPD
19Haji Hassan Ready Mix100,000 GPD
20Midal Cable75,000 GPD
21Midal Cable (Expansion)50,000 GPD
22Aluwheel50,000 GPD
23H.E.Humaidan, Shura Council13,000 GPD
24H.E. Sh. Ali Bin Issa10,000 GPD
25Balexco7,000 GPD
26Bahrain National Gas Co.7,000 GPD
27Nass Landscapes6,000 GPD
28Samir Garden6,000 GPD
29Nouf Plaza5,000 GPD
30Sh. Issa Air Base5,000 GPD
31Al Aali Steel Factory5,000 GPD
32Jawad Complex4,000 GPD
33American Mission Hospital3,000 GPD
34Lady Mishal, Yacht.3,000 GPD
35Hacons3,000 GPD
36Ghazi Nass3,000 GPD
37Sameer Nass3,000 GPD
38UAE Ambassador3.000 GPD
39Batelco, Hamla3,000 GPD
40Gulf Pearl Hotel3,000 GPD
41Jawad Magic Walk3,000 GPD
42Sameer Nass Villa3,000 GPD
43Buhjee Villa3,000 GPD
44Dairy Queen3,000 GPD
45San Rock Hotel3,000 GPD
46Nass2,000 GPD
47H.E. Sh Moh'd Bin Issa2,000 GPD
48Yum Yum Tree Restaurant1,500 GPD
49Hussain Bukannan1,500 GPD
50Fouad Bukannan1,500 GPD
51Nafoora Restaurant1,500 GPD
52Oriental Palace Hotel1,500 GPD
53Al Comordore Hotel1,500 GPD
54BDF Hospital1,500 GPD
55Al Bustan Hotel1,500 GPD
56Awal Hotel1,500 GPD
57Hamad Al Shaiba1,500 GPD
58Coca Cola1,500 GPD
59Jalal Al Ali Villa (Amwaj)1.500 GPD
60Reef Facilities management1800 GPD
61Al Zamil Coating25000 OBR capacity DM Plant

In addition to the above projects, Magnum installed commercial and residential RO units as follows:

1000 GPD23 units
500 GPD77 units
300 GPD24 units
200 GPD11 units
100 GPD124 units
50 GPD965 units

Contact Details

Flat: 21, Building :1284,
Road: 5136,
Block: 951, Askar,
P.O Box 28869,
Kingdom of Bahrain

TEL.: +973-17832277
FAX: +973-17832266

EMAIL: magnum@batelco.com.bh