Waste Water Treatment

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Treatment plants.
  • Pumping and comminuting systems.
  • Mechanical sludge dewatering and conveying systems.
  • Chemical (Ozone, H2O2), UV and wet-air oxidation systems.
  • Sequential batch reactor systems.
  • Oil skimming, filtration and microfiltration systems.

In addition to custom engineered systems, MAGNUM supplies a series of package; skid mounted containerized and mobile water and wastewater treatment systems. Such packages are installed for:

Waste Water Treatment

1.Packaged Brackish ground water and Sea water treatment systems, offering Filtration, Desalination and Chemical conditioning.
2. Packaged industrial process water treatment systems, offering Filtration, Softening, chemical conditioning, and Demineralization by RO and/or Ion-exchange.

Sewage Treatment

Packaged sewage treatment systems for smaller communities that have no access to sewerage systems, offering aeration, clarification, filtration and disinfection.

Effluent Treatment

Industrial effluent treatment systems, offering chemical conditioning, oxidation, reduction, membrane/ion exchange resin separation, flotation, inclined-plate clarification/coalescing and sludge dewatering presses.

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